Shabbat Chag Shmoozings: How to End Pesach

Shalom chaverim!

Welcome to a special Shabbat and chag (holiday) edition of my weekly blog post.  Tomorrow, the Tucson J is closed for the end of Pesach, so an early Shabbat shalom to all of you and happy almost-time-to-eat-chametz, too!

With the 8-day Passover holiday ending Saturday evening at sundown, I thought I’d give you all a step-by-step guide on how to end the no-chametz Pesach practice.  May your Shabbat be peaceful, and may your Saturday evening dinners be yeast-filled!

How to End Pesach

(1)  Once the sun has drifted into the horizon on Saturday and there are three stars in the sky, Shavuah tov!  You are once again permitted to let the chametz noshing begin!

Three stars

(2)  Prior to end of Shabbat, celebrate it fully. Observe the Sabbath with candles and wine and for one last time, matzah. Take a pause from the rest of the week and really appreciate that matzah can be put away until next year in only  a mere 24 hours.


(3)  Create a special Havdallah ceremony on Saturday evening, and as the twisted candle is extinguished in a cup of wine, let the chametz noshing commence!


(4)  Feast on all your favorite forbidden foods keeping in mind, Yerushalayim shel zahav or “next year in Jerusalem!”