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Jim Click Millions for Tucson Raffle 2017

GRAND PRIZE 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum! 2nd Prize: Two Round-trip, first-class airline tickets to anywhere in the world!* 3rd Prize: $5,000 CASH! The Jim Click Millions for Tucson Raffle 2017 Edition has launched!  This year Mr. Click is raffling off a 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum as the grand prize.  In addition, there are two new… Read more »

Shabbat Shmoozings: A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away….

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. A group of children began their J-Care Performing Arts Club class in order to learn some theatre skills and prepare a performance for their families and friends.  They worked so hard. There were challenges they had to overcome along the way… …but they put up… Read more »

Shabbat Shmoozings: Gematria, Art and the Aleph Bet

The Hebrew alpeh bet (alphabet) is surprisingly similar to the Greek alphabet, as the names are not far off from each other (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, etc)  although their appearances are quite different. The names not only sound very much alike, but the Hebrew aleph bet also adopted the ancient tradition of gematria, an Assyro-Babylonian-Greek… Read more »

Shabbat Shmoozings: Jewish Lessons Inspired By Thanksgiving

Each morning there is an opportunity for Jews to rise with the Modeh Ani prayer.  This prayer instructs the participant to say “I give thanks” and to thank G-d for all the blessings in their lives. There are other opportunities, too, for Jews to show gratitude each and every day such as with the blessings before and… Read more »

Shabbat Shmoozings: And They Shall Beat Their Swords

The Jewish Chaplains Council has estimated that there are over 10,000 Jewish service men and women currently in active duty.  They have served in the United States military dating all the way back to the time of Christopher Columbus, and more than 20 American Jewish service men have received the military’s highest honor, the Medal… Read more »

Shabbat Shmoozings: Israel Virtual Ride

  The Israel countryside is flourishing with plants from its very Northern tip to its Southern most regions.  Everything from carob trees to olives and almonds and to wheat and barley – Israel is known for its bountiful and beautiful land. From November 13th – 17th, you can get a good first-hand look at Israel… Read more »

Shabbat Shmoozings: The Mystery of Captain Katz

There have been a lot of blog posts devoted to the Shay Shay Garden at the Tucson J over the last several months, and it is no wonder why.  The garden is simply a magical place.  As you walk through the gates, there are bright colors and grasshoppers and the smell of fresh Earth all… Read more »

Shabbat Shmoozings: Celebrating Sukkot in Shanghai

It has become a tradition that PJ Library of Southern AZ and The Tucson J have collaborated on their annual Sukkot event in a very thematic way. There was the “Shake It Up Baby” year when the event became a groovy love fest of shalom bayit. (peace in the home) Then our friends at Gabriel’s Angels joined… Read more »

Shabbat Shmoozings: 5 Ways to Inspire Reflection on Shabbat Shuva

During the 10 days of awe that falls between Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, there is one Shabbat that is considered to be a critical moment of self reflection.  Shabbat Shuva or “The Shabbath of Return” is also a play on words.  Shuva sounds very similar to the word teshuvah or repentance, a very important action that we… Read more »

Shabbat Shmoozings: 5 Honey Recipes for a Sweet New Year

Honey is a sticky and sweet condiment used for Rosh Hashanah as a reminder for a sweet new year.  We are used to dipping apples in honey as the traditional holiday snack, but there are so many varieties of ways to enjoy this delicious and natural concoction.  Apple dipping aside, below are 5 of our… Read more »