Special Events

TSO Just for Kids
Free Concerts for Kids!

2-3 pm in the Tucson J Ballroom

Sunday, April 23 at 2 pm
Piano Trio and Friends: “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”
The Bear family was in an uproar. Enjoy this delightful retelling of the classic tale composed by TSO violinist Michael Fan.

Sunday, May 21 at 2 pm
Flute Viola Harp Trio: “Pip and the Pirate”
It is graduation day at the Pirate Academy. “Ye be a true Pirate today, matey! Here be yer certificate. here be yer parrot.” “That’s not a parrot” said the new graduate. “She be too small. I wants a big squawker, not a pip squeaker.” “Nay! That be the last one we got. Take ‘er or leave ’er.” “Please take me,” said the tiny bird. I’ll make you proud of me.” Join us for this new musical adventure by TSO violinist and composer Michael Fan.


Science Sunday

Sunday, April 2nd 11am- 1pm

For young children from two to eight years old! Join us in a day of Sunday Science fun! Through play children and families will experience the science of space, earth, life, physics, and more! We will spend an afternoon with local professionals and Early Childhood experts to explore the phenomenon of our world and beyond. Open to all!

For more information, contact jriddle@tucsonjcc.org at 299-3000 x 115.