Children, Teens & Family

Welcome to the JCC family! Our programs for children and families offer a wide array of services from quality early childhood education to after-school programs to fun events your family can do together or have your child’s birthday party at the J!  Create special memories at the J – your home away from home!

The J offers Jewish learning for the whole family. You will find our assortment of classes, lectures, clubs and special events to be both intriguing and fun. Adult Jewish learning is a wonderful way to connect with your Jewish history, values, traditions and community. Check out the many programs we offer just for you.

JCC Youth Roaming

Youth in grades 6-12 have access to roam the JCC facilities without parental or adult supervision. There are three exceptions to this policy: the weight room, the pool when there is no lifeguard on duty and rental rooms. The youth who roam the JCC after school are expected to display the same behavior that we expect of all youth at the JCC: respect of others and utilization of appropriate language at all times.

If a child in 6th grade or older is not behaving in a respectful manner, we place a call to the parents to come to the JCC and pick up their child. Examples of behaviors considered unacceptable include, but are not limited to:  destruction of property, excessive running through the halls, failure to follow staff directives, use of foul language, entering JCC rental and office rooms, disrespect to members or staff, leaving trash and other items in and around the JCC.

If the child is sent home, JCC privileges may be suspended until a meeting is convened between the parents, the Senior Vice President and the Children and Youth Director.

If you have questions about the JCC roaming policy, or would like to report an issue, please contact Member Services at the front desk or call 299-3000


Immunization Policy

“For the health, safety and welfare of both the staff and students, the Tucson Jewish Community Center follows all the Department of Health Services vaccination requirements for students entering our program. Documentation of compliance, from an M.D. OR D.O., with these requirements shall be provided to the center for all students upon entry to our programs. The center will monitor on-going vaccination compliance. This follows the standards and policies of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control and the American Council on Immunization and Prevention. There are no religious or personal exemptions to this policy. Medical exemptions will be reviewed by the Director with medical consultation as necessary.”