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J Life Magazine

Looking to advertise your business? Want to reach Tucson J’s members?

J Life Magazine is our quarterly newsletter.  It serves as a “road map” for what’s going on at the J and  is distributed as follows:

  • Twice per year (January & April) it is printed and mailed to more than 10,000 households including Tucson J members, Silver Sneakers and the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona mailing lists and posted on our website.
  • Twice per year (July and October) it is digitally emailed to our email list (Approximately 6,000 emails) and posted on our website.
  • The electronic CenterView is posted on our web site.

The current issue of J Life Magazine can be seen on the homepage of our website.

Banners in the Gymnasium

Banners in the gymnasium are a great way to reach out to our members. Corporate banners are displayed for one year. Each banner is four feet high and six feet wide. The gymnasium is one of the busiest places at The J with more than 1,000 vistors each day!

Sponsoring a special event or core program area is a great way to support the The J and receive recognition for your business.  For advertising or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Kristin Schwartz.

Program Guide

The Tucson J prints a bi-annual Program Guide featuring events and class schedules. It is published for the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons.  Please contact Kristin Schwartz for more information and to reserve your space: 299-3000 ext. 176, Kristin Schwartz.

TV Digital REACH Screens

Target all of the daily visitors to The J on four television screens strategically placed in high traffic locations throughout the building. For more information and pricing contact Kristin Schwartz at x176.

Weekly E-Blast Newsletter

Reach more than 6,000 inboxes weekly. With sponsored E-blasts you r brand will receive access to Tucson J subscribers for an entire month or more. Contact Kristin Schwartz at Kristin Schwartz.