Send a Kid to Camp

Be a superstar…Give a child the gift of summer camp!

Summer camp would not be possible without financial assistance for many families. Because of superheroes like you, kids from low-income families:

  • Stay active during the summer with activities such as swimming
  • Enjoy weekly day trips to places outside of Tucson, and
  • Increase their self-esteem, confidence and motivation.

All kids should experience summer camp.

From performing skits to spending time at the spinning wheel with clay, childhood summers provide experiences that shape the next generation. Your tax-deductible gift will provide scholarships so summer camp isn’t a luxury for families of our community.

Camp offers much more than just fun.

It defends against summer learning loss. Children from families with fewer resources spend the summer languishing in front of glowing screens. For these children, summer can be a season of boredom, inactivity and isolation. Studies show that low-income children experience greater summer learning loss and fall farther behind in school every year.

It develops character. At camp, children spend time with a college-aged mentor who is trained to nurture character development and self confidence.

It is comprehensive childcare. Supervision must be found in the summer for in-between children—too old for childcare and too young to be left alone. Camp is an all-in-one solution for in-between children.

Low-income kids need summer camp heroes like you. Make a gift to set the stage for their future success.

Please make a gift today using the links below or the online giving form. Every gift makes a difference. For more information, contact Director of Philanthropy: Caitlin Dixon 520.299.3000 x176

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