Adult Enrichment Classes

The Tucson J offers a wide array of Adult Enrichment Classes. Register for classes below, in person at the Welcome Desk, or please call 520-299-3000.


NEW! Thrive & Grow Vegetable Gardening Course
Fridays, October 6, 13 & 20, 3 – 4:30 pm

Are you wondering what it takes to have a successful vegetable garden here in the Southwest desert? In this series, expert gardener Michael Ismail will demystify vegetable gardening in the desert, teaching you simple techniques which can produce tremendous results. Come learn about building and maintaining healthy soils, selecting the right seasonal varieties, proper watering, dealing with problem insects, proper fertilizing, and so much more! Whether you are new to gardening, or haven’t yet experienced the results you have hoped for, this gardening series is for you.
Instructor: Michael Ismail
$12/ $10 members per class
Jewish Heritage Center

New! Geniuses of Russian Literature: Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov
Mondays, October 9 – 30, 7 – 8:30 pm

This course will introduce you to the biographies and major literary works of Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov in the historical context of Russia’s
development in the 19th century. The instructor, Roza Simkhovich, was a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Russian and Slavic Studies at University of Arizona. She specializes in teaching oral communication, translation, interpreting and business language at the intermediate and advanced levels for 23 years.
Instructor: Roza Simkhovich
$36/$30 member, Drop-in $9
Jewish Heritage Center


NEW! Writing Family History
Tuesdays, October 10 – 31, 5 – 7 pm

We all have family stories to tell. Tucson writer Lynn Saul will lead a writing workshop using components of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Please share your family history in this course. Lynn Saul writes poetry, creative non-fiction, short fiction and other works, focusing on life as a woman in the Southwest.  She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona and teaches Writing and Humanities at Pima Community College. She is active with Congregation Bet Shalom in Tucson and much of her work involves Jewish themes.
Instructor: Lynn Saul
$75/$70 members
Multipurpose Room

Introduction to Mah Jongg
Mondays, October 16 – November 13, 9am-11am

Learn to play American Mah Jongg from an experienced teacher in a fun, interactive atmosphere. You will learn how to interpret the card, together with becoming
familiar with all the official National Mah Jongg League rules of this exciting, challenging game. Instruction will include hand-outs, as we learn and play through a clearly structured series of lessons.
Instructor: Deanna Mendelow
$60/ $50 members

Films To Remember: A Film Appreciation Course
Wednesdays, October 18 – November 22, 11am – 1 pm

Six weeks of awesome, audacious, breathtaking and bold motion pictures. Our handpicked selections are rarely found on TV, and only sporadically on Netflix. All are nominees and winners at major festivals from world famous directors. Come, enjoy, expand your mind and tickle your funny bone. Born and brought up in Brooklyn, a schoolmate of Woody Allen, Louis Pinkett received his BA at Brooklyn College and an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Liverpool (UK). Pinkett is a Fulbright scholar, a consultant at the university in Minsk where he was also a presenter at the US Embassy sponsored film festival, and taught American film in Pyatigorsk, Russia.
Instructor: Louis Pinkett
$65/$60 members

NEW! Introduction to Food Writing
Wednesdays, November 1 – 29, 5 – 7 pm

Everyone’s a critic – especially when it comes to restaurants. But what we eat says a lot about our culture, and good food writing is an art – as well as a lot of fun. Delve into your childhood memories of your favorite foods, describe the family gatherings and the dishes these memories evoke, describe your history through the epic meals in your life. Join Tucson Guides Contributing Dining Editor Edie Jarolim for a feast of a class and refine your writing palate. The second class will be held at a restaurant for inspiration.  Jarolim’s dining articles have appeared in a variety of local and national publications, including Edible Baja Arizona, Phoenix Magazine, Sunset, and Zagat.
Instructor: Edie Jarolim
$85/ $75 members

SNS Room 1

Understanding Your Finances classes with Laurence E. Goldstein

FREE and Open to All!


NEW! College Planning 101
Tuesday, October 24, 6 – 8 pm

Paying for college can be the most expensive time of life, for many families. In addition many parents don’t know where they should begin to find resources that can help pay for their children’s education. This seminar will walk parents through the following:
The True College Cost
Sources of Money for College
Student and Parent Contribution options
Grants/ Scholarships Based on Need (FAFSA)
The Process of Choosing the right school
Public vs Private institutions – which is truly cheaper. Laurence E. Goldstein is Owner of Constellation College Planning. He believes that a good college plan should help you Save ON the Cost of College not just FOR the cost of College.
Jewish Heritage Center

NEW! Tax Efficient Retirement
Thursday, November 9, 6 – 8 pm

Middle Income retirees can face Federal Tax Rates as high as 55% on each additional withdrawal from a retirement account. This Seminar will show you why taxes are different in retirement, and how you avoid key pitfalls in how you harvest income from various accounts. Laurence E. Goldstein is Vice President of Investments for DKG Financial Group. His personal goal is to become a lifetime resource for each and every client.  To do this he has spent his career focusing helping his clients with how to pay for their childrens’ education. And helping to answer the question of when and how his clients should collect their Social Security benefit.
Multipurpose Room

100 Years Later: The Communist Utopia and the Soviet Jewry
Wednesdays, November 8 – 29, 7 – 8:30 pm

This course will describe the historical events of twentieth century Russia, which gave birth to the Soviet Jewry. The remarkable accomplishments of Soviet Jews in literature, art, theater, cinema, science and politics and their endless persecution. The class will be discussion oriented.
Instructor: Roza Simkhovich
$36/$30 members, Drop-in $9
Senior Library


New! Journey Through World Music
Fridays, November 10 – December 8, 10 am – Noon

This five-week course will serve as an introductory exploration of world music and will examine music from around the globe such as South African protest music, Mongolian throat singing, and music from Turkey old and new. The recordings will be discussed and dissected with Professor Gil Seeley, James W. Rogers Professor of Music Emeritus at Lewis & Clark College. Seeley served as artistic director for Oregon Repertory Singers for over three decades.
Instructor: Professor Gil Seeley
$65/$60 members
Jewish Heritage Center

New! Musical E-Motion
Mondays, November 27 – December 18, 7 – 9 pm

This four-week course, taught by Professor Gil Seeley, will serve as an investigation of musical e-motion, exploring the feelings that are evoked through listening to music. The four sessions will focus on Exultation and Joy, Lamentation and Sorrow, Jazz and The Blues, and Creation and Renewal.
Instructor: Professor Gil Seeley
$65/$60 members
Jewish Heritage Center


New! Coiled Baskets

Wednesday, September 27, 6 – 9 pm

Coiling is one technique of basketry used by Native Americans across North America. In this class you will learn three simple stitches to make beautiful coiled baskets and other storage objects. Bring scissors and a steel tapestry needle along with odds and ends of yarn, fiber, wire, string; you may also bring beads and other small objects or use items provided.

Instructor: Sharon Otstot
$59/ $53 members

Perlman Art Studio

New! Poker Strategy

Tuesdays, October 3 – November 7, 9 – 11 am
During this six-week course, students will be set on the right track by learning poker fundamentals which include which hands to play, the role of bluffing, the strength of your opponent’s hand, table position, limits you can afford, pot odds strategy, and eliminating bad habits.  Learn the terminology of blinds, antes, call, hierarchy of win, and the mental health to avoid addictive behavior.  Students will build confidence to participate in a game upon completion of this course.
Instructor: Mark Brement
$99/ $89 members
Catalina Room

New! Knotting

Wednesday, October 18 from 6:00pm-9:00pm
Knotting is a fiber technique used to create art tapestry and other household items.  The knotting weave can be done with any fiber with enough grip.  This technique will lead you through the simple materials and methods to bring a unique look to your design. Bring scissors, T-pins, a small foam core board, a small skein of cotton sash cord, odds and ends of yard, cord, string, ribbons, shoe strings, bead and found items or use items provided.
Instructor: Sharon Otstot
$59/ $53
Perlman Art Studio


New! Fiber Art

Wednesday, October 25, 6 – 9 pm
Create fiber art using a variety of techniques and materials. Students will explore surface decoration techniques including stamp, stencil, discharging and foiling to create a dazzling length of fabric used as a wall hanging or article of clothing.  Bring a smock and your imagination.
Instructor: Sharon Otstot
$59/ $53 members
Perlman Art Studio


New! Makeup for Boomer Women

Friday, November 3, 11 am – 1 pm
Skincare and makeup routines that enhance our appearance in 20s and 30s most likely don’t work for us anymore; but what does work?  This class offers a demonstration of techniques and products as well as responds to individual questions. As we mature, there are tips, techniques and products we should know that will help us be our best.  Interestingly, a 2011 scientific study confirmed that not only does wearing the right makeup make a woman feel more confident, but others perceive her as more confident, competent and in charge.
Instructor: Elise Marquan Jahns
$45/$40 members
Multipurpose Room


New! Beginner Native American Flute

Mondays, November 6- December 11, 4 – 6 pm
Learn the history of the Native American Style Flute, reasons for its resurgence, and the calming benefits while learning to play.  Students will learn proper breathing techniques, tonguing (slurring, staccato, double and triple) while demonstrating the various fingering techniques of trills, pull-offs, note-bending, half-holing notes, chirps and other embellishments.
Instructor: Kathryn Twinfeathers
$95/$85 members

New! Introduction to Floral Design Techniques

Tuesday, November 14, 2 – 5 pm
Learn the art of floral design, including the care and handling of flowers, greens and other materials used in floral arrangements. Create designs for your home or apply for an entry level position in a floral shop. All floral arrangements made in class are yours to keep.
Instructor: Danielle Coleman
$85/ $76 members
Perlman Art Studio


New! First Aid, CPR Continual Compression

Sunday, November 12, 1 – 5 pm
Learn basic first aid to help victims while waiting for professional help, as well as techniques to immediately treat injured people so that they are more likely to fully recuperate after being assessed and treated professionally. Topics include: fractures, poisoning, burns, shock and heat stroke, as well as the new continuous CPR method.
Instructor: Tangee Craig
$75/$68 members
Jewish Heritage Center


New! Advanced Texas Hold’em Strategy

Tuesdays, November 14 – December 19, 2 – 4 pm
Being an expert poker player isn’t just reserved for those with money, time, and brain power.  Everyone starts somewhere and this course guides students in strategies. Odds theory, reading body language, patience are a few of the skills practiced to avoid jumping straight into a game of poker without really knowing what is happening.
Instructor: Mark Brement
$99/$89 members
Catalina Room


For more information please contact Barbara Fenig, Director of Arts & Culture, at or 520-299-3000.