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Illuminations: Alef to Tav
A mixed-media exploration of the Aleph Bet by Lynn Rae Lowe

November 23 – January 29

Lynn Rae Lowe’s award-winning Dancing Sylphs® menorah, sculptures, tribute walls, and intensely colorful Aluminations metal arts and furnishing have made her internationally renowned, carried in galleries near and far. The compassionate, funny and deeply spiritual artist is now turning the page to a new chapter, starting with the letter Aleph. Her multi-media show “Illuminations: Aleph to Tav” shines, opening November 23 at the Tucson JCC Fine Art Gallery. Reflecting a lifelong passion for researching ancient wisdom and symbolism, Lowe presents the entire Hebrew Aleph Bet in more than a dozen ways to connect each letter to associated meanings in words, numbers, colors, planets, astrological signs and more. Her collection includes paintings, Judaica and sculpture in her own style, as well as reinterpretations of 12 master artists. From Warhol to Gottlieb, Batman’s iconic “Pow!” Lichtenstein to Lowe herself, the exhibit prompts adults and children alike to explore more than traditionally meets the eye.


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