Nutrition Counseling

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Nutrition Counseling at the Tucson J

Beginning in July 2015, JCC Members will be offered one-on-one appointments and small group counseling with a Registered Dietitian (RD) from the Wellness Department of Tucson Medical Center. Each counseling session lasts one hour. The prices and content of consultations are listed below.

Individual Assessment = $115

Nutrition counseling will help you develop strategies to eat a healthier diet or reach other nutrition goals to support your healthy lifestyle. In this session you will meet with a RD who will assess your usual eating habits and provide advice to help you develop a personalized nutrition plan.

Individual Nutrition Follow-Up Visit = $75

After you have completed an Individual Assessment, a follow-up visit can help you maintain your healthy habits or progress to new ones. In this session you will receive further nutrition advice from an RD to keep you on track toward your health goals.

Personal Nutrition Prescription = $115

Do you want to avoid complications or worsening of a chronic medical condition? Nutrition Therapy can help. In this session, you will meet with an RD to assess your current habits and receive nutrition counseling to help manage a chronic disease.

Personal Nutrition Prescription Re-assessment = $90

After receiving a personal nutrition prescription, you may need to address changes in your condition or obtain further advice for developing and maintaining your new, healthier habits. A re-assessment with an RD can help you stay focused on improving your health.

Semi-Private Nutrition Counseling = $30 per person, per session

For groups of four or more. Meet as a group with an RD to discuss nutrition issues, such as making healthier food choices, planning meals or deciphering food labels. Groups can also arrange an RD-led grocery store tour.

Package pricing is available = 15% Discount

A package of sessions, consisting of an initial visit plus three or more follow-up/reassessment visits, can be purchased for 15 percent off the regular price. Example: Purchase a package of an Individual Nutrition Assessment + three Individual Follow-Up Visits for $289. If purchased individually, the total for these four sessions would be $340.

The “No-Show” charge for any scheduled appointment is $25. This charge also applies to any cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Nutrition Counseling FAQs

How do I request a counseling session?

First you will need to choose which session type best fits your needs for you to start on your journey for nutritional counseling and then purchase that session(s).  You can do this over the phoneat 520-299-3000 or at the Sports and Wellness desk at the Tucson J.  A JCC staff will ask for your name and contact information (email and phone). A Registered Dietitian (RD) from the TMC Wellness Department will be in touch to schedule your appointment, which will typically be conducted two weeks later.

How do I prepare for my individual counseling session?

  1. Complete a 3-day food diary.
    • Your dietitian will email a food log to you, you may pick up a printed copy at the JCC’s front desk or you can download from this page (scroll to the bottom of the FAQ and you will find the PDF). The food log will contain instructions for filling it out properly.
  2. Return your completed food diary via email to the dietitian or deliver the printed copy to the JCC’s front desk.
  3. Obtain a copy of your most recent blood work, if possible. Lab tests of interest include total cholesterol, LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting glucose and hemoglobin A1c (if you have diabetes).
  4. Give careful thought to what nutrition goals you want to achieve. “I want to be healthier” is a great ideal, but it isn’t very specific. The more concrete your objectives, the better you can visualize and eventually achieve them.

How can my group prepare for our semi-private session?

When your dietitian contacts you to schedule your session, you (as a representative of your group) can tell her about your group’s needs and the two of you can discuss objectives for the session. This works best if your group has discussed its collective goal before you call to schedule your session.

Where are counseling sessions held?

Individual counseling sessions are held in the consulting room at the JCC.

Semi-private sessions may be held in a JCC conference room if more space is needed.

For small groups requesting a grocery store tour, the tour will be held at the store of the group’s choosing, after store management has granted permission for the tour. The dietitian will contact the store to obtain permission.

What should I bring to my individual counseling session?

Bring a copy of your most recent blood work, if you have it. Arrive with one or more nutrition goals in mind.

What happens during a typical individual counseling session?

You and your dietitian will discuss your current state of wellness and your current personal nutrition goals.

The two of you will review your food diary, discussing how your current eating habits relate to your goals and how those habits might be changed. Together, the two of you will refine your nutrition goals, if necessary, and develop strategies you can take to reach them.

What other information will I receive?

In addition to one or more written nutrition goals and a list of strategies, you may receive a list of resources, such as web sites or books for obtaining more nutrition information. This depends upon your needs.

What is the benefit of a follow-up visit?

After an initial visit, you may find yourself needing more advice. Perhaps you have accomplished your initial goals, and you have created new ones with which you need help. Maybe you need continued motivation to stick with your new, healthier habits. Or you might have encountered barriers to making changes, and you need help finding ways to work through those challenges.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

No problem. Contact your dietitian (she will have given you her contact information when you booked your original appointment) and let her know that you need to cancel and reschedule. The two of you will settle on a new appointment time.

We ask that you please give your dietitian as much notice as possible. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before your appointment will incur a $25 charge.

What if I have a question that was not addressed here?

Please call the JCC at (520) 299-3000, extension 120, and someone will get you an answer.

TMC-JCC Food Diary for Nutrition Assessment

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