Wellness Programs

Healthy Back – 4 week rolling program*

Do you suffer from lower back pain or stiffness? Are you recovering from a lower back injury or simply trying to prevent one? Join Colin Easom, certified orthopedic exercise specialist and personal trainer, for this gentle small group exercise program that focuses on lower back health and core stability. Suitable for all ages and abilities.
Four 30-minute weekly sessions, a template to work on your own 2 additional days a week at The J and email/phone support throughout the program. Four consecutive weeks of progressions focusing on core strength and lower back stability/mobility. Non-members may use The J Fitness Center at no additional fee 2 additional days a week to perform template exercises during the program.

Thursdays at 6pm

$199/$175 member
Trainer: Colin Easom

Weight Lifting for Women – 4 week rolling program*

Weight training improves bone density, develops lean muscle, increases metabolism, prevents osteoporosis and builds a positive self image. This class will help you feel comfortable in the weight room and guide you through the fundamentals of weight training. Learn the basics of safe and proper form to empower yourself. Discover your own strength and build the body you want. Research shows that consistent weight lifting and cardio exercise can produce a marked decrease in total cholesterol levels and other cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Tuesdays at 5:30pm

$15/$12 member
Trainer: Patty Babel

Explore and Restore your Hip Flexors

The 3 class series will give you an opportunity to learn all about your hip flexors including the basic anatomy of the muscles that help make up the hip flexors, what yoga poses engage/tighten the hip flexors, proper alignment in poses to help safely stretch the hip flexors, and the relationship between the abdomens and hip flexors. This will be a mixed level yoga class, no prior anatomy experience is needed.  Beginners are welcome! 

Starts January 17th, 3 week session

 Wednesdays, 10:30am—11:45pm

 $90/$70 Member

Yoga for Healthy & Happy Back

Do you have back pain? Neck pain? Scoliosis? Don’t worry you are not alone, and there is good new, there is something you can do about. Even if you have had neck or back surgery this class is for you.  Come join this 6 class series that will give you an opportunity to learn how to decompress your spine. You will walk away with answers to the questions like:

What stretches are good for my spine?

What muscles to do I need to strengthen or open to bring balance to spine?

What core exercises are safe and best for neck and low back pain?

Series Starts February 14th, 6 week session

 Wednesdays, 10:30am—11:45pm

 $180/$140 Member

Explore and Restore your Shoulders and Rotator Cuffs

The rotator cuff is a cuff of four muscles that helps create rotation and proper articulation of the shoulder joint. This 3 class series will allow students to explore the location and activation of the rotator cuff muscles and learn techniques to restore strength and functional mobility of their shoulders.

Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and find a yoga practice that helps them explore and restore their shoulders.

 Starts April 11th, 3 week session

Wednesdays, 10:30am—11:45pm

 $90/$70 Member

*Rolling Program-our new Wellness Rolling Programs will allow you to start your program at any time and follow it through for several consecutive weeks.  For questions, please contact the Wellness Department at 520-299-3000 x251