JXT Small Group Cross Training


JXT-Logo-finalJXT is a unique results-based cross-training program designed by one of the world’s top fitness coaches, Brandon Wagner.

During the series the JXT coaches will train all levels of participants to go past their limits through a progressive workout program. JXT provides a personal training experience in a small group setting and simulates the feel of being a member of a competitive sports team.

Brandon and the JXT trainers will also be offering TriggerPoint classes, a myofascial release technique to help you recover faster and stay injury free.

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Next Session Starts June 11th 

3 classes per week  $320/$216 member
2 classes per week  $240/$176 member

Class Schedule:

TEAM 1: Mon 6pm; Thurs 6pm & Sat 8am

TEAM 2: Tues & Thurs 8:30am

TEAM 3:  Tues & Thurs 6am

Brandon JXT

Brandon Wagner has been in the fitness industry for nearly twenty years. He has passion for developing the skills of professionals as well as novices by engaging them through fitness education and personal growth.  He established his career as a highly-requested trainer and group instructor at Canyon Ranch, one of the world’s premier health and wellness resorts. In addition to owning and operating his own personal training and consulting business, The FIT Specialists in Tucson, AZ, Brandon is a Senior Master Trainer at TRX and Master Trainer for TriggerPoint™.  Brandon uses his experience as a trainer and consultant to provide professional education, develop dynamic training and staff-development programs and helps companies design and fine tune their certification courses. He has extensive experience in TRX military educational courses and proprietary TEAM training and is essential in the enrichment of the TRX cadre, leading instructor courses and evaluations for new TRX instructors and team members. Brandon also trains and provides education in various self-myofascial release techniques, and presents at multiple national and international fitness conventions.

Lloyd jxt

Lloyd Lewis specializes in sport-specific training, and has numerous years of experience working with young athletes.  Lloyd is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist, a TRX Level 1 Certified Instructor, and NFHS Certified Track and Field Coach.  Lloyd is currently completing his Associates of Arts at Pima Community College, and plans to transfer to ASU to complete a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Wellness.  Lloyd is an experienced and accomplished athlete: Track and Field at Pima 2005 – 2007, participant in 4 x 100 relay at NJCAA Championships, Southern Tucson 400m Regional Champion in 2005 – 3rd place in Arizona, and is currently training to compete in the USA Track & Field Arizona Open Track Meets in 2015.  In his spare time Lloyd plays in a co-ed soccer league in Tucson and runs 5 k’s competitively.

“Refuse to be satisfied, because there is always more to do.”

Kyle Antle is a certified Personal Trainer through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Kyle’s passion for fitness started at a young age through sports and was solidified as 2 time Varsity Football Player at Amphi High School.  He was also a 4 time Varsity Volleyball and made the All-State Team twice. Kyle just finished his Associates Degree in Liberal Arts this past year and has plans to continue onto a university to get his Bachelors in Physical Therapy. His experience with a variety of sports has given Kyle the knowledge to work with athletes through sport specific exercises. Kyle is still an athlete today and has completed a couple half marathons, but competes at shorted distances more often. Kyle’s personal style is a mix of power lifting and endurance; TRX, barbells, dumbbells, kettle-bells; he likes them all.

“Run long, lift strong”

What are people saying about JXT????

“One of the reasons I joined The J was to try the JXT workout.  Love, love, love it!  It’s everything I thought it would be and more. The trainers are top notch and the small group fitness atmosphere is just what I need to stay motivated.  I wanted to change up my workout routine – JXT has done it!”  -Debbie A., 46

“I have found the program to effective, if not entirely enjoyable- but the latter is the point. It is structured in such a way so that in each session you work to the limits of your individual capacity with each exercise. In other words you do as much and as hard as you can with each particular routine. The routines vary with each session so boredom is certainly not a problem. While I was skeptical about working with a group, it turns out that was one of the better aspects of the program. Participants are able to encourage one another and develop a certain amount of ‘we’re all in this together.’ ”   -Mike S., 70

“JXT provided the variety in my workout and the results I was looking for. Knowledgeable trainers use the latest methods and equipment to achieve each person’s fitness goals, and the small group setting provides the opportunity for individual attention. I was in the best shape of my life after JXT, and I can’t wait for the next session!” –Katie L., 38

“JXT is one of the best programs that I’ve been involved with. We group different exercises using equipment such as the TRX, Rip Trainer, Battle Rope, and weights that will push your body to new limits. Seeing my class participants improve from Week 1 to Week 8 is beyond rewarding, and seeing the joy and excitement they get when they accomplish something that they couldn’t do before (i.e. a pull-up or higher box jump) is what I love about being a Coach. The small group atmosphere also makes the classes fun, as you build new relationships and push each other to be better.”   -Lloyd Lewis, JXT Trainer