Personal Training

Learn about our Personal Training Services, Prices, Policies and the trainers themselves. 

Personal Training

The Tucson J offers a wide spectrum of personal training experiences to suit everyone’s needs.  From one on one training to buddy and semi-private training, our certified personal trainers will work with you to achieve your fitness goals in a safe, healthy and effective manner.  Whether you need sport specific training or just want to feel healthier, stronger and happier, our staff of personal trainers are up to the task.

The training staff at The J is among the most experienced and knowledgeable in Tucson.  Our staff boasts five members with at least 15 years in the fitness industry.  Experience like that is hard to find in one facility.

In addition to our outstanding personal training staff, our fitness center, pool, spa, and additional resources at The J are unrivaled in Tucson.  Whatever you need to reach your fitness goal, you can find it at The J.

Personal Training Sessions and Prices

Session Type Type of Session Description Single Session $ 5 Session Package $ 10 Session Package $
One-on-One Full 1 Trainer 1 Client $60 $285 ($57 per session) $550 ($55 per session)
One-on-One Half 1 Trainer 1 Client $40 $185 ($37 per session) $350 ($35 per Session)
Buddy Full 1 Trainer 2 Clients $90 $430 $820
Buddy Half 1 Trainer 2 Clients $55 $260 $500
Semi Private




1 Trainer 3 – 5 Clients N/A 8 Sessions for $125 (1/2 hour)

$125 ea. ($25 per session – 1 hour)


$230 ea. ($23 per session – 1 hour)

Template Training Full 1 Trainer 1 Client $185 for two Sessions N/A N/A
Non-member One-on-One Full  1 Trainer 1 Client $85 $400 ($80 per session) N/A
Non-member One-on-One Half 1 Trainer 1 Client $65 $300 ($60 per session) N/A

Personal Training Program Descriptions

  • One-on-One Personal Training provides you with direct access to a highly qualified JCC Personal Trainer who will design a program to help you meet your specific health and wellness goals.
  • Buddy Training allows you to workout with a friend while still receiving a personalized training
    program from a Tucson J Personal Trainer.
  • Semi-Private Training is still individualized training but is more affordable. Groups of 3 or 4 will work out together, support each other and still experience individualized guidance from a JCC Personal Trainer.
  • Template Training is where a JCC Personal Trainer will create a workout profile for you to follow on your own.  It includes two personal training sessions where the trainer will review the program and demonstrate the exercises.  The length of time that the profile can be followed is determined between you and the trainer depending on your specific goals and budget.  Access through email is offered two times per week in addition to the one-on-one sessions in case you have followup questions.
  • Non-members can now try Personal Training at the JCC.  Non-members can enjoy the entire
    facility on the day of their training session.

Personal Training Policies and Special Restrictions

  • Cancellation Policy – Clients must cancel with 24 a hour notice.  If a client cancels within 24 hours of the scheduled session they will be charged full price for the missed session.
  • Session Scheduling – All sessions must be purchased prior to the training appointment.  Trainers will not schedule a session unless the client shows credit in their account for the specific service requested.
  • Liability Forms – All personal training clients must fill out the following forms prior to participating in Personal Training sessions: 1) ParQ Health Assessment  2) Liability Waiver 3) Acknowledgement of cancellation policy 4) Approval or decline to have trainers run credit card charges for sessions on behalf of the client.
  • Semi-Private Training – A group of 3 or 4 participants must be established prior to the purchase of the training sessions.  If one group member cancels within 24 hours of the appointment time they will be charged so the small group training can still take place for the rest of the group.  If a member of the group cancels with more than a 24 notice the trainer will contact the rest of the group to determine if the others would still like to meet.  If the group is less than three there may be an up charge to the two who wish to train.
  • Template Training – The purpose of Template Training is to offer an economical method for those members who are looking for fitness training guidance but do not want to meet with a JCC Personal Trainer every week. Once the template is provided the the member is allowed two follow-up emails a week but the client must recognize that there cannot be unlimited access to the trainer.
  • Non-members are invited to try out personal training through the two options listed above.  The maximum number of sessions for a non-member are 5 sessions total.  $10 from each session purchased will be credited towards membership fees. Non-members are allowed to use the entire facility on the day of their training session.
  • Expiration Date – All sessions must be used within 12 months of purchase date.

Member Testimonial

Have you ever thought that you might benefit from working with a personal trainer? Here is a member’s personal story that might give you a better sense of what to expect when you schedule that “ultimate” one-on-one.

From Pauline Roed
In August of 2004 I realized that my half-hearted attempts at returning to some level of physical fitness were just that – half-hearted. The truth is that just having gym memberships were doing me no good at all! The simple reason? I paid the dues and never attended! High blood pressure, a family history of heart disease, high cholesterol levels, and an approaching 60th birthday, I knew a private trainer was the only way to achieve any results.

Personal Training Bios


Mike Malone

Mike is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Kearney (B.A. Education) and has been an I.F.P.A. Certified Personal Trainer for over 15 years.

Although Mike specializes in weight loss/health management and strength, speed & conditioning for sports, he has worked successfully with a wide variety of clients, ranging from high school and college level athletes to the mom’s, dad’s, grandmother’s and grandfather’s out there looking to improve their quality of life.

Having been an athlete most of his life, Mike has also spent time in the coaching ranks coaching basketball, track & field and baseball at various locations.  Most recently, he served as the Junior Varsity Head Baseball Coach at Sabino High School in 2012 and 2013. During that time he also the director of the program’s strength and conditioning program.

Mike currently serves as the strength and conditioning coach for the Tucson Stingrays swim club who are based at the Tucson JCC.

Mike’s motto – “The pain & discomfort of working towards a goal is nothing compared to the joy of reaching it”.

Linda Arnaud

Linda graduated from Providence College in 1988 with a B.A. in Economics and received her Elementary Education Teaching Credentials in 1991 from Roger Williams University.  Her career as a personal trainer began in 1990 while still in college.  Linda is passionate about fitness and has completed 16 marathons and numerous half marathons.

Linda is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (1998) and completed her Fitness Professional Certificate from Pima Community College.  Linda also completed an internship in personal training at the JCC in the Fall of 2005.  She also holds a certification in TRX Suspension Training.

Proper safety and form are always her main focus.  She recognizes the importance of effective, efficient workouts-quality over quantity.

Linda’s philosophy in training is to provide each client with the motivation, direction and knowledge to make positive lifestyle changes and encourages them to take on new challenges.  She enjoys working with clients of all ages and fitness levels, but has extensive experience working with the senior population and those recovering from joint replacement surgery.  Her goal is to keep her seniors active and independent, allowing them to enjoy the highest quality of life!


Spencer Roberts

Spencer Roberts, MS has a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching both individuals and groups in maximizing their fitness and health. He was certified as a Master Fitness Trainer by the United States Army in 1986 and earned his Master’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Arizona in 1989. Spencer has developed and implemented training programs for athletes and non athletes alike. His philosophy is “quality vs. quantity” and understands the challenges of fitting training routines around the responsibilities that life presents.

Spencer has been a personal trainer JCC for 10 years. He has been active all of his life, first as a football player in high school and college and later as a triathlete/duathlete. He has represented Team USA in three World Duathlon Championships as an age grouper.

” My passion lies in helping others achieve their fitness and health goals. I train all age groups, from kids to folks in their eighties. I truly believe we are all athletes…it’s just some are in training and some are not.”

Click here for more information on Spencer’s Endurance Training.

Spencer is married with two college age children. He coached their middle school cross country and track teams. That allowed him to truly understand the competing priorities we all face. Spencer will work with you to become the very best athlete you can without compromising your other commitments and priorities.


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 9.56.39 AM
Veronika Zinsmaier

Veronika obtained a B.S. degree in Sports and Fitness from the Technical University of Munich located in Germany. Veronika is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, TRX Certified as well as a Silver Sneakers Fitness Instructor.

She has been a personal trainer for the last 17 years and actively involved in the fitness industry for 35 years. She has extensive experience working with older adults, but welcomes all ages.

Veronika is very enthusiastic about exercise and is motivated to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Lloyd Lewis

Lloyd is an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Conditioning Specialist. He is also a Golf Fitness Specialist with NASM, and holds multiple certifications with TRX. Lloyd has been at the JCC since 2014, and has helped countless athletes and clients reach their goals, whether it is for performance in sports or to improve the quality of their everyday lives. Lloyd has also played a role in the growth of the JCC’s JXT small-group training program and the TRX Suspension Training classes.

Lloyd will be graduating from ASU in December 2018 with his Bachelors of Health Sciences with a focus on Healthy Lifestyles Coaching. When he isn’t coaching or teaching, you can find Lloyd staying active though sports like basketball and track, collecting Flash memorabilia, watching the latest superhero movie, or spending time with his wife and two boys.

Lloyd has worked with clients ranging from 9 years old to 85 years old. He understands that each client has different fitness levels and goals, and he takes the time to put together an individualized program for each person. Whether you’re looking to improve your speed or vertical jump, wanting to move better to play with your kids and/or grandkids, or just want to talk sports and dig deeper into the latest superhero movie, Lloyd is happy to be there for you.

“Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose.” – The Flash

Click here for more info on other programs Lloyd offers.



Patty Babel

Patty is a graduate of the Fitness Professional Program at Pima Community College, as well as a certified personal trainer through American College of Sports Medicine. Patty has been a member of the J for over 10 years, and interned for the Wellness Department before becoming a licensed personal trainer.

Patty has a love and passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals, and would love to train you in your pursuit of health and wellness!  Click here for other programs Patty offers.


Shelley Russell

Shelley graduated from  the University of Arizona  in 1988  with a B.S. in Management Information Systems. Before leaving to start her  family, she was  a software engineer for  IBM for  4 years. Shelley’s career in fitness began in 1996.  Her certifications include: American Council  on Exercise (ACE) – Group Fitness and Personal Training, National Academy of  Sports Medicine (NASM)-Corrective Exercise Specialist, Spinning®, Threshold Training  – Levels 1 and  2, TRX Suspension Training  and  Les Mills Body Pump.  As an Internal Tester for Heart Zones  USA, she tested Heart Zones  System software for Triathlon Hall of Famer and  company owner, Sally Edwards.

Shelley  utilized  her   programming background to  develop a  fitness website so that she can share information that she thinks is beneficial to a lifelong commitment to physical  fitness. With her website, Shelley creates customized Heart Rate Training  Zones for  her  clients so  that they can learn how to train efficiently, burning more fat for fuel. She also creates customized resistance training programs for muscular strength, power and  endurance and  tracks her clients’ progress with a database she designed and  developed. Reports generated from  her database serve as  a  motivational tool for  her clients’ continued adherence to their fitness goals.  Shelley also offers 30-minute Semi-Private Training sessions in Body Pump,  TRX and  Spinning  for  clients who  prefer time- efficient workouts in a small group setting.  Click here for more information.

Shelley loves working with all ages and  fitness levels of  clients! Each client  is like a computer program to her;  she figures out how  his/her code operates so that she can develop a specialized plan to achieve the desired results.



Rhina Gerhauser

Rhina has been a member of the JCC family for almost 25 years as a Group Fitness Instructor.  She received a Bachelors in the Sciences from the University of Nevada-Reno and pursued graduate work at the University of Arizona.  She has been in the Health and Wellness industry for almost 30 years.  As Co-Owner of Summit Wellness for five years, three years as Director of Health and Safety Services for  the American Red Cross, and 14 years at Canyon Ranch, Rhina understands that the road to optimal health is not easy, but so worth it!

Rhina has completed 51 marathons. Has qualified for the Boston Marathon 15 times and has ran it five times.  An avid community volunteer, she has been a part of Angel Charities for Children for the past 16 years, has served in the Greater Tucson Leadership Health Care and Education Committees, and has been a Board-member of several agencies dealing with at-risk youth and education.

Rhina’s personal training clients include athletes, celebrities, youth, the weekend warrior as well as folks trying to lose weight in a healthy way. Her background includes working with physicians, nutritionists, behaviorists and other fitness professionals. For the past ten years, Rhina has expanded her knowledge by personal training at a physical therapy clinic gaining more exposure to special needs clients including pre and post rehab, MS, Parkinsons, arthritis, and osteoporis.

Rhina holds certifications by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, Schwinn Cycling, Body Pump, Resist-a-Ball, Above-the Bar, and Functional Movement Screening.  Click here for more information on FMS.

Most recently, Rhina was voted the Top Group Fitness Instructor by Tucsonans in the Arizona Daily Star.

“It’s never too late to start living healthier.  And always too soon to stop”.



Mary Teachey Maher

Mary established her Fitness career as a highly-requested instructor and respected trainer specializing in program development using the Scientific Method.  She is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Nautilus Institute Accredited Coach, with continuing education in Environmental Medicine and the Anti-Inflammatory Diet through the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.  She is a proponent of a whole-food, plant-based diet with minimal salt, oil and sugar.

Mary is excited to call the Tucson JCC her Personal Training “home” exclusively.  Her clients here range in age from 14 to 93; from children to great grandmas!  She easily develops intuitive relationships and rapport with our members through meticulous attention to detail and her tireless work ethic.  You’ll often hear Mary before you see her, thanks to her enviable enthusiasm!

Her training focuses on accountability through record-keeping and systematic evaluation.  She continually motivates, educates and challenges her clients to set SMART goals and celebrate success.  She is a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) alumna; Alaska Mountaineering 2000, with technical climbing experience and summits of Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker.  As a youngster, she studied classical ballet, pointe, tap, jazz and modern for 13 years.

After completing a BS Biology with Honors, and a Chemistry minor from UNC Chapel Hill, Mary earned her MS in Physiological Sciences from the U of A in 2001. With over two dozen publications in peer-reviewed journals on Diabetes prevention and management, microcirculation, cardiac arrest and stroke, she completed her Research career and followed her passion for empowering people to create positive and lasting lifestyle changes.

With over 20 years of teaching and training experience, Mary is adept in both water and land-based fitness modalities.  In addition to owning and operating her own Aquatics Personal Training business, Mary also works as an Educator for other Personal Trainers, and counsels her peers in program development. When she’s not training clients, Mary also enjoys presenting at conferences and for specialized groups regarding Osteoporosis, Senior Wellness, and Physiology.





Colin Easom

Colin is a Certified Personal Trainer and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist with the American Council on Exercise.  He is also licensed group fitness instructor for both aquatic and land-based classes as well as a certified Spartan SGX Coach.

He understands the challenges of finding time to workout with a busy schedule and is passionate about designing safe and effective workouts to suit individual fitness needs and goals, whether that’s rehabilitation following knee surgery, weight loss and toning, or cross training for an obstacle course race. He’s worked with a variety of age groups and fitness levels in both small group and one-on-one settings.

Colin’s personal passion for fitness began with gymnastics in grade school, followed by distance running in college, and more recently cross training and Spartan obstacle course racing.  Click here for more other programs Colin offers.


Kyle Antle

Kyle is a born and raised Tucsonan and a certified Personal Trainer through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

Even though his heart will always be in Tucson, he did live on the east coast for a couple years working with and training exotic animals at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species. He worked hands on with monkeys, tigers, leopards and even an elephant.

He does have a history and love for animals, but Kyle’s passion is fitness. That passion developed at a young age through sports and athletics. With his knowledge and experience playing and coaching a wide range of sports; Kyle is very good with sport specific exercises, along with strength and resistance training.

Kyle knows that to get the most out of a workout; form is the utmost important thing, making this his main focus in each workout. He has experience working with people of all ages. Kyle also has experience working with those who have special needs, something he takes pride in since he has a special needs sister-in-law. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a new routine; Kyle is excited to help you obtain your goals.


Denise Bermudez

Denise is an AFFA certified personal trainer as well as a group fitness, TRX and Barre instructor.  She has worked with a diverse clientele in corporate, gym and rehabilitation settings.  Denise strives to connect with people in ways which will aid them to live a more healthy and balanced life.

Denise is a Tucson native and began her fitness journey through dance.  He career led her to New York City and as Snow White at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  She enjoys all things fitness and art related.  Her two boys, Diego and Santiago, keep her life busy and adventurous.

Please feel free to strike up a conversation anytime with Denise…She would love to get to know you.

“The greatest wealth is health”


Kendra Gray

As a Health and Fitness Professional that specializes in creating comprehensive, scientific, evidence based corrective exercise programs, my focus is simple, obtain detailed health history, perform a physical movement screen, establish (or rule out) the presence or absence of any muscular imbalances, to develop a solid exercise program appropriate for the new to fitness, athlete or performance athlete or those recovering from surgery.  Defining assessment goals and establishing a baseline for nutrition and physical fitness is an extremely essential process to prevent re-injury as well as minimizing new injuries.

My education and experiences has given me the knowledge and understanding to properly implement my training program; together:

  • We will Regenerate muscle flexibility by increasing joint range of motion
  • We will Reconnect balance of mind, body, and breathing to work harmoniously together, therefore increasing mental strength, health of wellbeing and physical fitness.
  • We will Rebuild strength in the musculoskeletal system to improve everyday functions.
  • We will Reshape the total body by integrating dynamic movement patterns that progress to solidify the changes made within the body, while achieving optimal, Results.

Keeping fit should be fun, challenging, yet a safe experience and incorporate all elements, that you personally find rewarding.