J-Ray Swim School

Swim Lessons at The Tucson J!

Jrays_logo_wbubblesJ-Rays Swim School is Open to Ages 6 months – 14 years old. The Tucson J offers private, group and Parents & Me style swim lessons. All levels are welcome! We offer 5 different levels of classes. The J-Rays Swim School uses a step-by-step lesson plan to develop a swimmer’s skills. Our swim lesson curriculum is built around constructive play and skill progressions that are built for children of all ages and skill levels.

For more info or to register your child in the correct skill class, contact Jennifer Felix, lesson coordinator at 520.299.3000 x116 or swim@tucsonjcc.org

Parent & Me

Ages 6 months through 3 years
Your child will learn:
• No crying
• Social skills
• Being independent from their parent
• Swim unassisted 3ft to the platform
• Comfortable in water on supported back float
• Monkey walk on wall
• Learn to to front assisted & to back assisted
• Goes on 1-2-3 cues/jumps to instructor
• Bubbles
• Get treasure rings from shallow water
• Assisted elevator to wall and grabs wall 1-2-3
• PRIMARY GOAL: No crying and building trust

Level Two
Your child will learn:
• Water adjustment and no crying
• Social skills with instructor and class
• Entering and exit pool safely and on their own
• Pool rules and why they are important
• Relaxing in water “sleepy float”
• Floating with support on front and back
• Face down in water and hold breath (5 sec)
• Kicking with help
• Complete submersion by their self
• Assisted rollover\attempts at independence
• Stream line to coach “mouse in the house”
• Comfort with holding on the wall\monkey walking
• Swim with head down and hold hands of instructor
• PRIMARY GOAL: put face in the water and swim with assistance

Level Three
Your child will learn:
• Social skills with the coach and class
• Water safety
• Unsupported back float
• Glide with kick\attempt bubbles\attempt “big arms”
• Rollover from back to front head down swim
• Bubbles and bobs (5+ in a row)
• Jumping in water and swimming back to wall
• Retrieve object under water at depth
• Elementary backstroke, “chicken, airplane, soldier”
• Swim, float, swim (pool length 25 feet)
• PRIMARY GOAL: to swim and roll on back\float and roll back over and swim again 25 feet

Level Four
• Constructive play
• Water safety and importance of water safety
• Streamline and glide off wall (15 feet)
• Streamline with flutter kick (15 feet)
• Can swim-float-swim without arms and head down
• Bubbles while propelling through the water
• Introduction to side breathing on a board
• Intro to out of water arm recovery
• Coordination of arm strokes with swim-float-swim
• Elementary backstroke with better coordination
• Retrieval of object at great depth (2-3 feet)
• PRIMARY GOAL: swim freestyle and backstroke the length of the pool

Level Five
• Basic safety skills
• Arm stroke with side breathing\breathing to right and left sides
• Head is only looking sideways during freestyle breath
• Backstroke has no arm shoulder roll
• One length backstroke\side to side
• Intro to breast stroke (breathing and kicking)
• Intro to backstroke
• Intro to dolphin kick
• Intro to turns
• PRIMARY GOAL: work endurance of strokes so they are strong enough to do the stroke right. Perfect front and back swims at a distance of 50 yards with rest.


Private Swim Lessons Any Age

Any age and skill level (from the most fearful to the advanced competitive swimmer). We can accommodate your needs. To schedule call Jennifer Felix at 520-299-3000 x116
Price: $40/$30 member for 30 minute lessons