Youth Sports


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For Pre-School Age Youth

Team Sports

Ages 4 – 5, $55-$65/$40-$48 Member, Tuesdays 1-1:30pm

Program introduces kids to team sports included, but not limited to soccer, baseball, and P.E style games. Girls and boys will have fun learning new skills, fundamentals, sportsmanship in a team setting. Class will be a mix of both skill teaching and team activities.

Pee Wee Soccer

Ages 3-5, $55-$65/$40-$48 Member, Wednesdays 5-5:30pm

Pee Wee Soccer is a non-competitive, learning league. This program will help develop and enhance coordination and skills, using fun games. Kids will learn soccer rules, team work and good sportsmanship all while having fun and making new friends! Each practice, coaches will teach soccer fundamentals the first half and follow with a friendly scrimmage.

Kids Get Moving!

Ages 2-3, $55-$65/$40-$48 Member, Tuesdays 2-2:30pm

This program is one of our newest offerings for young children. This class will work on coordination while introducing some basic concepts of teamwork, all in a super fun environment! Lots of ball play, some tumbling and lots more that is sure to get your little one moving and shaking. Basic fitness concepts like stretching will also be a focus.

Parent & Me Fitness

Ages 2-3, $100-$115/$75-$90 Member, Thursdays 5-5:45pm

Parent & Me Fitness is a brand new class designed to get parents and kids ages 4-7 on the track to good fitness! This class will help teach kids the importance of good fitness habits early, and by doing it with mom or dad, they’ll have a great example to follow. Learn basic fitness moves like stretches, sit-ups, and push-ups, as well as working with the ropes and balance balls, concentrating on proper form and technique. Get your kids off devices and TV and come get fit…together!

For School Age Youth

Basketball Academy

Ages 6-9, $70-$80/$55-$65 Member, Wednesdays, 4-5pm

Come and improve your knowledge and skills in the game of basketball. The camp is designed for all skill levels and players will 6 weeks learning and refining their basketball skills. Registration is open.

Learn to Play Lacrosse

Ages 6-14, $75-$85/$50-$60 Member, Wednesdays, 5-6pm

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing youth sports, so come on out and learn the basics of this fast-paced, fun game! Lacrosse is played on a field similar to soccer using a stick with a net (“pocket”) to throw and catch a small ball. We have partnered with the pros at Tucson Bandits Lacrosse to share their knowledge of the game. Limited to the first 20 players, so don’t wait, sign up now!

Fantastic Floorball

Ages 6-12, $70-$80/$55-$65 Member, Thursdays, 4:30-5:30pm

Floorball is a type of indoor hockey that doesn’t require any bulky equipment. All you need is a stick and a ball! While floorball is similar to ball or floor hockey, it is faster and safer because of the unique rules and the lightweight equipment. The emphasis is on speed and skill rather than strength. Come learn how to play this fast-growing sport! No experience necessary, just a great attitude and willingness to try something new!

Youth Sports Leagues

Our youth sports leagues are all co-ed, recreational and for Ages 4-12.  Each league consists of an 8 week season and every team makes the playoffs. This program is designed to develop fundamental skills and an understanding of the game with an emphasis on sportsmanship in a safe, structured and fun environment. Children learn proper techniques and game strategies, improve and build upon those techniques in weekly practices.  All games are on Sundays with one practice during the week.

Players will be evaluated at the Skill Evaluation and then split into teams based on ability to ensure the fairest teams. 

Coaches Meeting  TBA

3-Sport Package

Our 3-sport package includes the Fall Basketball League, Winter Flag Football League, and Spring Basketball League:  $360 Member  / $500 Non-Member

Fall Basketball

Mighty Mites: Ages 4-6

All-Stars: Ages 7-9

Supertars: Ages 10-13

Skill Evaluation:  Aug. 12th  Mighty Mites 12:30-1:15  All-Stars 1:30-2:15  Superstars 2:30-3:15

League Play: August 19th – October 28th


Early Registration by July 29th:  $137 Member  / $187 Non-Member

Regular Registration:  $151 Member  / $206 Non-Member

Winter Flag Football

Rookie: Ages 4-6   Semi-Pro: Ages 7-9   Pro: Ages 10-13

Skill Evaluation: November 4th  Rookie 12:30-1:15  Semi-Pro 1:30-2:15  Pro 2:30-3:15

League Play: November 11th – January 27th (no games 12/23 or 12/30)


Early Registration by October 21st:  $110 Member  / $170 Non-Member

Regular Registration:  $135 Member  / $190 Non-Member

Spring Basketball

Mighty Mites: Ages 4-6      All-Stars: Ages 7-9      Supertars: Ages 10-13

Skill Evaluation:  Feb. 3rd  Mighty Mites 12:30-1:15  All-Stars 1:30-2:15  Superstars 2:30-3:15

League Play: February 10th – 5th (no games rodeo week or Easter)


Early Registration by January 20th:  $137 Member  / $187 Non-Member

Regular Registration:  $151 Member  / $206 Non-Member


What are the benefits of youth sports? Participating in sports such as basketball is a fun way to build friendships, learn teamwork and leadership skills and much more. Here’s a few advantages of playing basketball, and why you should allow your kids to be involved in the sport:

Exercise & Endurance – Of course, like all youth sports, basketball is a great way for your kids to get a little extra exercise throughout the week. Even if they only practice a couple of times a week, they will be getting a couple of extra hours of exercise than they would without the sport. Basketball is also a sport that requires great endurance. It’s a full-body workout for kids and it’s important for kids to learn to push toward an end goal without giving up.

Balance and Hand-Eye Coordination – Many sports require coordination, but basketball especially requires hand-eye coordination. When players are dribbling the ball down the court, they have to be coordinated enough to focus on their dribbling while also being prepared to pass the ball to another player or shoot a goal.

Agility – Since basketball is such a fast-paced game, it requires quick reactions. Kids have to be fast on their feet in order to make plays. While they’re on the court, the direction of the play can change any second, so they have to be quick to adapt to the changes also.

Strategy – Basketball, like any sport, is a game of strategy. Between the plays, the movements on the court and everything else involved in the sport, kids will learn how to be strategic about the way they play which will lead to problem-solving thinking skills. Kids will start creating strategies to solve problems instead of jumping to immediate conclusions.

Social Skills – Like all team sports, it’s pretty easy to form relationships, and it’s a great way to help young children develop their social skills. With interaction with other teams, coaches and the players on their own team, there will be plenty of opportunity for conversation about the one thing they all love – basketball!

Easy to Play All Year Round – Of course, the basketball season isn’t year round, but it’s an easy sport to play throughout the year – even after the season has ended. There’s basketball courts in community parks, recreational centers and you can easily have a basketball goal right at your house which make it easy to practice while you’re preparing for the tournament! Plus, basketball is also a sport that can be practiced alone, so you don’t have to wait on other players to join you in the off-season.


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