Special Needs Services


Our Special Needs Services department offers a variety of services for both children and adults. SNS department currently offers a year-round day program for young adults with special needs, a high school summer program, a summer inclusion program, and other year-round support services.

Taglit is our day program for young adults with a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities based here at The J. Taglit is designed to explore, cultivate, and maximize each individual’s potential. By emphasizing wellness, social action, education, and fun. We work to meet each individual’s unique needs through a program spirited by Jewish values and communal harmony.

Participants work on different projects which provide opportunities to practice fine motor skills, job skills, and independent living skills, and to express their personal creativity. Taglit Day Program is split into two groups; Avodah (Vocation) and Ha-Ash-Arah (Enrichment). Our vocational program emphasizes life skills which promote vocational success such as mobility and transportation training, personal organization, self-advocacy skills, etc. Our enrichment program emphasize life skills which promote increased independence in areas such as problem-solving, communication, community participation, etc.

How Do I Sign Up?

All volunteers need to begin by completing the volunteer application (see below) and email it to Emily Malin, Director of Special Needs Services, at emalin@tucsonjcc.org. We will then complete an interview as well as a brief training about the goals of the Special Needs Services Department and the individual department and/or participant needs. We look forward to seeing you!

Volunteer Application