SNS Programs

Social Club

Social Club is a fun and exciting way for young adults with special needs ages 18 to 39 to get together and have some fun.  Our Social Club members attend special events held at the JCC or out in the community, such as trips to local attractions or the Spring Dance. Events occur periodically throughout the year.

For more information please contact our Director of Special Needs Services: Emily Malin at (520) 299-3000 x168.

Taglit Day Program

Our mission: The JCC hosts the Taglit Day Program, which provides a small supportive group of young adults, with special needs, a full-day program designed to explore, cultivate, and maximize each individual’s potential. By emphasizing wellness, social action, education, and fun, we work to meet each individual’s unique needs through a program spirited by Jewish values and communal harmony. This day program for young adults, post high school onwards, is comprised of social, leisure, and vocational activities both in the community and at the JCC.

Hours of operation: Our program hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Transitioning and part-time: We offer young adults the opportunity to transition into our program from high school. They may join the program part-time until they have fully transitioned to full-time. Space is limited.

Our day to day:
 Although SNS “home-base” is located on the second floor at the JCC, our participants venture into the community almost every day. We volunteer with local vendors such as TOPS, First Rate Second Hand Thrift Shop, Zuzi Move It, TRAK, Old Adobe Ranch and other partnering organizations. Participants partake in recreational activities as well, including bowling, hiking, community drumming, karate class, and yoga class.  Because we strongly encourage health and wellness, participants engage in daily fitness and participate in yoga and swimming weekly. Throughout the day, our staff helps participants improve their independent living skills, which include using appropriate communication, turn-taking, and following directions.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 10.14.26 AMCost: The Taglit Day Program is a Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) vendor and accepts young adults who are registered with the DDD. Young adults who are not with DDD may pay privately (please contact the SNS department for private pay pricing).

For more information, please call (520) 299-3000.
You may also leave the form with the JCC’s Welcome Desk Manager. Please do not hesitate to contact the SNS department with other questions or to learn more about any of our programs!




Taglit Greeting Cards

The Taglit greeting card project was started as a creative activity that every participant in the Taglit Day Program could contribute to regardless of his or her abilities. Participants tear pieces of wrapping paper, gather and place the papers into a box, sort the papers into colors and themes, and glue the papers onto blank white cards.  The participants then count the cards, place them into groups of five, and package them.

The Taglit greeting card project provides a way for participants to practice their fine and gross motor skills, job skills, sorting and counting, and personal creativity. Most importantly, the card project provides our participants with a sense of accomplishment and serves as a means of community involvement.

Cards are available for purchase at the JCC Welcome Desk in packages of five at a cost $5 per package. Taglit greeting cards are available with holiday themes (Christmas and Hanukkah), designs for special occasions (such as birthdays and Valentine’s Day), and non-specified designs, such as the one shown above.

For bulk orders, please contact the Special Needs Services Department. Thank you for your support!


Wish List

Apple I-Pads – To use as augmentative communication tools for our non-verbal participants. Currently our participants use a DynaVox, which is a wonderful device, but very heavy.

Floor Butcher Roll Rack with Casters– Our participants work on a variety of ongoing crafting projects and butcher paper has many uses. The department would also greatly benefit from any sort of rack to keep the rolls organized.

Paints (most commonly used include tempera paints and acrylic paints) – Our participants work on a variety of ongoing crafting projects and paint is used rapidly.

A6 size white envelopes – These envelopes will be used for our Taglit greeting card project.

Books – The participants in our programs love to read and learn! Any books that can be donated will be accepted. Academic and recreational materials below the college level are preferred. Several of our participants are working to learn Spanish and some children’s books (in Spanish) would be helpful for this learning process.

Maps – Our participants love to learn about geography and topography. Also, the staff is more easily able to design lesson plans about geography if they have easy access to large visual aids such as maps and globes.

Computer software – Our Taglit Day Program participants use typing tutorials, logic games, and other academic software for their daily skills lessons and enrichment activities.

Art Supplies– We are ALWAYS in need of any/all art supplies such as the following:

Glue (Elmer’s), glue sticks, and Mod Podge

Construction paper, lined paper, newspaper, magazines,

Tape of all kinds

Markers, crayons, pencils, and pens

Crafting glitter, beads, Popsicle sticks, jewels, scrap-booking supplies, etc.

Scissors (adapted, child safe, etc.)

Poster Board

Slate Boards and/or White Erase Boards– Our staff work to create a variety of lessons for all groups of participants and many lessons involve writing and working on writing skills. Erase boards and slate boards reduce the amount of paper waste.

3 Ring Binders- used by staff, participants, and administration.

Sensory integration toys and “fidgets”- We have participants of all ages with a variety of sensory input challenges. Many benefit from stimulation provided by specific sensory tools and toys.

To contribute items to the Special Needs Services Department please contact Emily Malin, Director of Special Needs Services at

Thank you for your support!