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Shabbat Shmoozings: 8 Ways to Make a Crown For Purim

Purim is coming, and children all over the world are getting ready to march in parades dressed in costumes.  This is one of the most joyful holidays on the Jewish calendar, and all the bells and whistles add to all the fanfare. Though tradition suggests for children to dress up as the characters in the… Read more »

Shabbat Shmoozings: How Many Ways to Make an Edible Torah?

It is Simchat Torah, and the flags are flying alongside the Torahs being paraded around.  Children everywhere celebrate this holiday with fanfare as they munch on caramel apples (traditional for the holiday) and develop a love and appreciation for the Torah. Jewish classrooms from across the world find fun ways to engage children with the… Read more »

Shabbat Shmoozings: 10 Great Crafts to Help Make Your Sukkah Beautiful

Shalom and chag sameach! With Yom Kippur happening at sundown tonight, you’ll barely have time to catch your breath before it’s time put the Sukkah up.  Sukkot, the Festival of “booths” or “huts” begins the evening of Wednesday, October 8th and runs through Wednesday, October 15th. Sukkot is known to celebrate the Fall harvest, and… Read more »

Shabbat Shmoozings: Crafting Healthy Seed Starters

Shabbat Shalom TJCC Chaverim! Though Tu B’shvat (the new year of the trees) is past us, the children in the JCC preschool are continuing to learn about food that comes from trees and from their gardens.  “Shmirat haguf” or “taking care of your body” is a Jewish value, and it is also a vision and… Read more »